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Since the establishment of the War Crimes Prosecution Office in 2003, 110 judgments have been issued: 75 convictions and 35 acquittals.

The March 2015-ordered retrial against nine defendants, most of them low ranking officials, for the wartime killing of 118 Albanians in Kosovo in 1999 has been hampered by delays and progressed slowly.

Between January and July, the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (NUNS) registered 33 incidents of assaults, threats or other pressure against journalists.

The killing of radio journalist Luka Popov in June drew international calls for an investigation, including by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s representative on media freedom. It is unclear whether the killing was connected to Popov’s work as a journalist.

Any holiday that falls on a Saturday or Sunday will be recognized the following Monday with a day off.