Aiba masaki dating site

Fan reaction was fairly positive, as was the netizen reaction.

Kokubun even made a special announcement to his fans about his marriage.

Unfortunately, Takimoto suffered from quite a bit of hate online from fans of Fujigaya.

There are still those who believe that the two did date in the past, and that Horikita discontinued the relationship because Sakurai would not marry her. Given that Johnny’s talents do not use Twitter, you can easily guess how true that rumor is.

A strange rumor also appeared that chubby comedian Watanabe Naomi was dating Totsuka Shouta from the group A. Nakai Masahiro from SMAP and popular talent Rola appear on many variety shows together and are great friends.

The news of Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi being in a live-in relationship with a former actress 10 years his junior brought a shock to the Japanese entertainment world.

Many fans were quick to show support, but many other fans were also against the relationship.

Tegoshi also didn’t address the incident publicly, and no other news of their relationship has been reported.