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“Everyone has a certain ‘type’ and Badoo Lookalikes is a fun way for users to search and date any lookalike from celebrity crushes to your high school sweetheart,” Andreev said.

Search for Jake Gyllenhaal and you’ll find hundreds of people around the world who have his expressive eyebrows, although they may not have his brooding good looks or star quality.

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When the photo is uploaded, the company uses facial recognition software and an algorithm to identify partners that share similar features.

There are 67 points used to make the match — including the shape of a person’s face, distance between eyes, fullness of lips and hairlines.

The platform launched its “Badoo Lookalikes” feature this week, the New York Post reports.

Singletons who want to date a dead ringer for their favourite politician or pop star can search the names of hundreds of celebrities, using the app’s facial recognition technology.

Heath Ahrens, the founder of, told me he didn’t really see this as a problem.