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If you turn around and look back towards the living room, you will see that the bay windows have moved to the side.

In its place is a TV and a bookshelf filled with great works of literature.

Yes the kitchen is a bright orange, with black counters and appliances and dark brown wood cabinets.

A nice change from the apricot color kitchen that looked a little too 70’s retro for me.

OK, the first shelf are great works of literature the rest are trashy romance novels.


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    This brings in a more powerful and a long lasting relationship.

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    We've had many discussions about this subject and my wife knows how frustrated I have become but she tells me she just no longer has the interest in sex that she once had.

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    Whether this will have an effect on Jo Jo's motivation and concentration of being a successful WWE Diva, we shall see.

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    You may click on "I like" button to bookmark the girls you like and they will appear in your "I like them" private folder.