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I flattered myself that this was a relationship of equals.Still, aware that the cultural differences between us were bound to impact on our relationship, I resolved to be as pragmatic as possible about our future.

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Having spent ten years living and travelling in the Middle East, this is a scene I've witnessed time and time again.

Sonia's story is one of many such quixotic romances that I know of.

Each time another of our contemporaries falls for a young tour guide or waiter, we smile knowingly at each other and say: 'It's another case of MMD', knowing it's just a matter of time until another heart is broken. In what now seems like a terrible cliché, Ali was my tour guide.

An archaeologist, with an irresistible moodiness and aura of intelligence, he pursued me throughout the four-day tour. Ali was from a high-class Bedouin family and was the son of a sheikh.

'Are you able to search the school buildings for a rip in the space-time continuum?