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During his early teenage years, he was the most famous child actor, known for portraying the younger versions of the lead characters on-screen.

Born in Seoul, Yeo always wanted to be an actor and started auditioning at a very young age, and eventually succeeded in getting a role in ‘Sad Movie’ at the age of 8.

In Korea, groups of students in college organize these group blind dates, where one group of girls from one college will meet up with another group of boys from another college at a pub and play drinking games to get to know one another. I’ll fall asleep right before I get too drunk to control myself.

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I can’t say I don’t regret it, but during middle school I never really thought about having a girlfriend. Just seeing them being happy at the sight of falling leaves and flowers made me envious.

Honestly, I wish I experienced those moments too.” — Yeo Jin Goo When asked what his ideal type was, he expressed he liked women who weren’t picky with their food but someone who ate all different kinds of foods well.

Hae Sung and Jung Won continue to show the love story without losing the beauty of a love, and they are the figure of a lover who understands each other.

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I guess the correct term is that I feel it’s a pity that they can’t enjoy the flavor of the foods they don’t like. But if there is someone who’s picky with something, I like taking them to restaurants and letting them try it out.