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    My girl’s cabin and his guy’s cabin got paired up for the week and one of our first conversations was when our team chose the two of us to represent them in the wall-sit competition.

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    Many call it the event of the year, where you can escape your reality for a single day or even the whole weekend. r Age will sledgehammer your heart and ignite your imagination!

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    I have broken past grief, loved deeply and celebrated in ecstatic dance! We've create a wonderful community of loving and caring and full of respect for the other. It opened for me the possibilities and future directions of my sexuality, my compassion and my ability to love without expectation or attachment. You'll awaken the capacity to listen, experiencing sexuality as a song sung throughout your body. You’ll explore the superconscious realms of lovemaking, the perception-dissolving practices linked to the 5 senses revealing the true nature of reality. This awareness was both liberating and terrifying and I felt supported in every way throughout this process.

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    That totally put me off it, as a lot of women were stating on there they weren't there for dating etc.