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A sexual fetish may be regarded as a non-pathological aid to sexual excitement, or as a mental disorder if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life. Sexual arousal from a particular body part can be further classified as PARTIALISM. This is a freak, consensual bdsm, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans* and queer friendly room. SEXUAL/EROTIC FETISHISM : is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part.

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Daca ai o parere despre ce fac eu online, ridica mana stanga si acopera-ti gura cu dansa. The ONLY real rule in my room is to treat everyone with respect. Shoes/boots: 16 000 tokens /MONTH TOTAL: 255 000 tokens / month Donation for my matherials at autists subjects(Im independent volunteer therapist):100/400/500/1000/2000/5000 tokens depends how many days/hours will be need it at Humanitary Associations!

Daca chiar ai mai gasit inca o alta parere, ridica cealalta mana si acopera mana stanga asezata pe gura ta, poate ii e frig. D'ONT ask:body nudity,strip clothes, tabu or toilet fantasy. Any value of private or TIP it's appreciated, Thanks! If you hear me speaking with someone else try to not type your thoughts while I am already involved in a discussion.*Anyone who uses racial slurs,sexist language or epithets will be swiftly removed from this room* GRe YS WILL BE BLOCKED AUTOMATICALLY WHEN THEY START TYPING HERE! Also other kind of members will be will be block immediatlly when i observe they are waste OF TIME.(except models who speak polite.of them without education and juda type, shut the fuck and sit on yr own page) I am a nightmare of woman for assholes*including those who considering about themself as gentlman but their facts are of being shitasses, parasites and idiots. Savings for annual Holiday: 4 000-8 000 tokens /month Emergency Founds: 10 000 tokens Total2: 269 000-273 000 tokens SPOIL ME WITHOUT REASONS: 100-12 000 tokens ATTENTION!

Va trebui sa va impacati cu ideaa ca ceea ce nu m-a omorat inca, ma face mai puternica. So no need to give explanation in case that you have also other goddess or findomme. Take care of your liver, will blow up one day if you still study so much my page! Be willing one with me and I will help you to feel safe when we r alone. (I help HUMANS TO HAVE DIFFERENT FEELINGS)When yr wallet and yr body will be bound,yr mind will be free and yr soul sighs. Mistress,slave,bitch,my,yours,love etc r not just words to type. Other kinky stuff I do with my servants regularly, erotic hypno,ballbusting, y need webcam,balls crusher,paddle,ecc, SPH - small penis humiliation, JOI - jerk off instructions, , CEI - cum eating instructions (giving),sissification,bimbofication,verbal abuse,tease and denial,feminization,f*rced fem,blackmail(giving ...

Tradu civilizat profilul meu si invata sa te comporti civilizat pe pagina mea. I communicate with my slaves and servants on sites in privat or after send me tribute in free/public chat I do email dominating and task setting, as well. I accept visitors/submissives/slaves/servants/sissy(with/without experience)4learning this games with this tools: abrasion webcam,sandpaper,,rough silk, Age play no webcam,role-playing Anal Training/massage the prostate webcam, Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube ,hairbrush,cucumber/carrot/banana/etc, pen ass fetish clothed worship /-webcam (obvious not naked ass, idiot!

Nu sunt romancutele tale si nici genul de stapana de care probabil esti pasionat. I have been cam verified on Elite Financial Domination. )auctioned for charity/sells Balloons /-webcam, Regular or Body-sized balloons, Inflatables, Pool toys balls stretching webcam,strecher,bathroom use control /-webcambeating webcam,tools for beatingblindfolds webcam,"body art"branding /-webcam Boot Worship /-webcam Bondage webcam, Restraints, Ropes, Cuffs, Collars, Straps, Chains,hobble skirt breath control webcam Busting balls webcam,balls crusher,paddle, Cages webcam Caning webcam, cane, Castration/neutering Fantasy /-webcam, /- emasculator, /- Depo Provera, /-anti-androgen dru*s/Benperidol/gynecomastia/diethylstilbestrol/cyproterone acetate/anti-androgens cells or closets fantasy /-webcamchamber-pot use webcam Chastity Training/enforced chastity WEBCAM, Chastity belts, Chastity devices, Asslocks, Cock cages chemicals castraction fantasy /-webcamchores webcam,perform chores and / or domestic service Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) WEBCAM, Ball stretcher/crusher, Cock rings, Testicle cuffs, Humbler,households,leather,brushes.paddle, Tweezer clamps, Clothespins, Riding Crop, Weights, Clover clamps, Chains, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Bull whips, Flicker whips, Canes,belt,gates of hells(cock ring),hot wax,ice cubs,needles,nettles,hotchilli paper, Nipple Rings, Anal beads, Prostate massagers,parachute(small collar),testicle cuffs,etccompetion role-play /-webcam Condoms /-webcam, Condoms of various shapes,colors & tastes Creampie/breeding/seeding webcam,internal ejaculation, internal cum shot Crossdressing /-webcam, Flattening Lingerie, Wigs, High Heels,lips sticks,make-up crotch torture webcam,needles,qtips, Cuckolding /-webcam, NYLONS, Chastity devices Cum Play WEBCAM, Sperm or sperm-like substancesdouble penetration training webcam, Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube,needles,qtips,dirty talk /-webcam Discipline webcam, Restraints, Spanking gear, Outfits,hobble skirt Domination /-webcam,submissive mood, Bondage gear, Restraints Deformations / Disabilities WEBCAM, VERBAL HUMILIATION Electrosex/electrostimulation /-webcam, Electro stimulation devices eye contact restrictions /-webcamexhibitionism role-play /-webcam EXPOSER /-webcam/pictures/videos,twitter or fetlife account Face Riding/facesitting /-webcam, ITS A ROLE-PLAY BECAUSE WE R ON CYBERSPACE.


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