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The You Tube prankster who cemented his head in a microwave says he “doesn’t care” about the waves of criticism he’s received since going viral but that he should be fined for wasting firefighters’ time.Jay Swingler, 22, called emergency services on Wednesday after he filled a microwave with seven bags of Polyfilla while his head was inside.The stunt has deeply offended sensibilities in the staunchly catholic country and police are being urged to crack down hard on those responsible.

A PP spokesman said: 'It constitutes a clear lack of respect for the religious beliefs and traditions of much of the population of the municipality.'In addition to the vandalism, it is a clearly intentional offensive attack against religious freedom.'We demand respect for the freedom of belief as an essential pillar of our coexistence and of our democratic system protected by our constitution.'A council spokesman said that it was the first time that anybody had interfered with the Christmas display.'The damages caused were repaired as soon as they were identified,' he said.

The driver of the Pedal Pub has said she has no problem with the way the off-duty police officers responded to the water attack, but Johnson and Belanger have said they are considering their legal options.

Percy told him and his brother a joke about how their surname "Stoll" sounded just like the word "stole" and it was ironic that their dad was the god of thieves, but they didn't get the joke.

In the chariot races, Travis and Connor manned the Hermes chariot.

“I should be fined just like the people who get into drunken fights and use the emergency services’ time,” he said.


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