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To this end, the studies present results from 25 semi-structured interviews with Italian journalists occupying prominent roles within the Italian news organizations most important in terms of newspaper circulations and unique visitors to their websites.

The research proves that mediatization is still an important framework within which to interpret practices in the new media environment. ‘The dominance of institutional sources and the establishment of non-elite ones: The case of Italian online local journalism’, Journalism, online first, DOI: 10.1177/1464884917722896.

The legitimacy of journalism is intimately bound up with claims of knowledge and truth.

Hanitzsch (2007) identifies two dimensions of journalism epistemology: the objectivism/subjectivism and the empiricism/analytical approaches.

This article presents findings from a 1-year-long ‘online news ethnography’ and 20 semistructured interviews conducted in Italian local newsrooms.