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Try checking the neighbours on census records – sometimes you can work out how people came to know each other.Susanah also suggested checking the free access sites: Freecen, Free BMD and Freereg and Family Search. Susanah has received photographs of her own family as a result of contacts through internet searches.

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Different sources of information are increasingly available - newspapers can be a useful source of information and some of them are available online – these also come with a warning – it’s very easy to be sidetracked.

Older newspapers are often useful for announcements and court cases and more recent papers (since the 1930s) may contain more gossipy information.

Not all months have transcripts and some years are in January to December order and some December to January order.

Festive Member Meeting An audience of 26 including a new member and a visitor attended the first meeting of the New Year.

Susanah knew that her mother had started a family history by asking family members to write down information: this information was of variable quality but there was one lengthy letter from he r grandfather that contained information that revealed a complicated family life with some unconventional aspects.


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