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As a result, Vice Chairman Quarles will not vote on, or participate by decision or recommendation in, matters specifically involving Wells Fargo.He will continue to oversee the Board's supervision and regulation responsibilities as Vice Chairman for Supervision, including the development of supervisory policies and rules applicable to banking organizations generally."NEW YORK, October 21 Seven months after Wells Fargo Bank's Community Reinvestment Act rating was dropped two levels to "Needs to Improve," barring it from acquisitions, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has quietly said, in a footnote to a Bulletin issued on October 12, that "The OCCs policy is not to lower a banks CRA composite or component rating by more than one rating level." See here, footnote 8.

Speed dating fargo

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Updated December 18, 2017 Inner City Press / Community on the Move (ICP) and its Fair Finance Watch have become increasingly concerned with Wells Fargo's predatory lending, including overseas.

ICP first identified these issues at Wells in 1997 (., "N. Activists Seek Nevada Hearing," Las Vegas Sun, Oct.

Quarles will recuse himself from participating in matters specific to Wells Fargo & Company.