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In order to improve socialization, Aspergers kids need to learn and focus on socialization from an “intellectual” standpoint. To teach Aspergers children to be social, incorporate picture stories into their daily lives.

Dr Stephanie Liff of Pure Paws Veterinary Care in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood said clients have suggested to her that vaccinations were likely to give their pets autism.

'I had a client concerned about an autistic child who didn't want to vaccinate the dog for the same reason,' she said.'We've never diagnosed autism in a dog.

Then have the target child identify the various feelings and guess what caused them. Provide direct teaching of social rules or conventions which guide interactions and which most children learn without direct input.

These might include how to greet somebody, how to initiate a conversation, taking turns in a conversation, and maintaining appropriate eye contact. Provide specific and structured activities which are to be shared with one or two selected classmate(s).

The stories should communicate how to handle the situation. Education is an important part of Aspergers socialization.