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If you are just joining the New Xbox One Experience Preview, or you haven’t taken them yet, be sure to give them a spin.Be sure to check out the Preview Dashboard app for more details on these quests: Last week, speed comparisons between the ‘old’ Xbox One UI and the upcoming update were released.

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By embracing Metro, the Xbox finally like a Microsoft product, donning the same uniform as the outfit's smartphone OS and upcoming Windows revision.

When we last saw the Metro Dashboard update, it reminded of us Windows 8, with Metro pages sliding left and right at the flick of a finger -- or at least the wave of an arm.

The plan is to roll out the ‘New Xbox Experience’ (NXE) to more people every day, until everyone who wants in, is in.

Details of the update (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151003-2016) to the NXE have been posted on reddit by Pizzatarian.

The comparisons showed an overall speed increase of more than 50% on most sections tested, besting the UI of Sony’s PS4 on all tests performed.