Validating a federal tax id number

This summer, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has proposed eliminating many of the tax concessions employed by entrepreneurs and farmers to help them make up for the lack of benefits, pensions and job security salaried employees take for granted.

Because they have to save for their own retirements and pay their own health benefits, because they get no paid vacations, sick days, overtime or severance, and because they are constantly at risk of losing everything (including their homes), governments have typically allowed entrepreneurs and agricultural producers more write-offs than other taxpayers.

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Small business owners may also lower their taxes by “sprinkling” their incomes around – paying dividends or salaries to family members who did a little work for their companies.

But because the Liberals are so greedy for more tax money, Morneau wants to close these “loopholes” and raise billions more (perhaps tens of billions more) every year.

For example, MP3 players operating on 110–220 V that use two-prong electrical chargers may not be appropriate for European marketplaces but could be appropriate for Japan.

Similarly, feather beds you successfully sell in the U. would probably not sell well in the United States because the standard mattress sizes are different in each country.

Several campaign ads featured Justin Trudeau claiming a Liberal government would ask the rich “to pay a little more,” so his party could give middle-class taxpayers some much-needed relief.


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